Photography Workshops



I have paused the CAUSES Workshops in 2015
(family reasons – family duplicated!)

Wonderful places, people, and traditions

The CAUSES Photography Workshops primarily aim at involving the participants in their contact and the promotion of several cultures, as well as of human and natural patrimony, through the learning and the appreciation of photography.

By teaching photography and in the contact with those cultures, the workshops are directed to a specific objective within a CAUSE, where the final spread of information and photographs also play an important role. Through their art and technical skills, the participants will have the chance to promote these CAUSES, these peoples and places. This is done by way of their Author Photographs, signed and published in several ways.

These are some examples of the photographic work to be developed:
– forests and magnificent trees;
– traditional or innovative crafts and skills;
– the portrait of families, the women or the men in a village or in an urban neighborhood;
– a train or a boat journey;
– the recovery or building of architectural structures;
– journeys of people in their old animal carts, on their donkeys or by metro;
– traditional feasts, popular parades, or other traditions of a region;
– elements of Nature in our cities;
– unique jobs and missions, important for the people.